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Off for a few days


Just to let you all know that I'll be off from Tonight until next Monday evening as I'm going to Dubai for my little sister wedding. The ODI will be looking after you all in my absence and you can email him HERE if you have any news etc. All the submission forms for Media Mentions, Scoops etc will go directly to him whilst I'm away. Also keep your Poll submissions coming in as they will continue to be posted although we have a rather large backlog, we will be doing our best to get all these posted over the next week or so.

When I get back we will be gearing up for the Episode Cup which will start on 1st July. In the meantime make sure you complete the following to ensure you are enrolled in all the activities that we will be running during the hiatus and next season.

1) Make sure you send in your Fantasy League Submission form.
2) Complete you Season 5 Prediction Form.
3) Make sure you've completed your Episode Cup Predication Bracket.
4) Don't forget to vote in the Iconic Prop Cup - Elimination Phase.
5) And if you've not already signed up, pop on over to the Forums for the Hiatus Rewatch.
6) Sign up for the Forums and discuss Lost openly with fellow Lost fans.

Be good and see you all in a week.

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