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We're pleased to launch today the new Chat rooms that so many people have been asking for. The previous Chat Software Yaplet (harshly nicknamed Craplet by the regulars lol) has out lived it's usefulness.

With the fantastic help of my good friend Congested (and others BauerUK!) we now have a fully functional and robust chat area that all readers can enjoy. This Chat Room will be able to cope with almost unlimited number of users during peak times, won't crash and won't be so open to abuse from trolls and other pesky Internet folk. The Chat is IRC based for those of you who have used IRC before. The new chat rooms also give us the ability to create a number of unique features that are not available in other chats like Automated Bots, Automatic updates whenever a new post appears on the site etc. We will be looking to develop the chat further.

Shortly the Navigation and Chat buttons throughout the site will be updated to include the link to the new chat rooms.

Please read the information below before trying out the Chat Room.

1) There is a Mini-FAQ on the chat page that will be updated when we make changes. Please read it before running the chat. There is a Full FAQ here and it's strongly advised that you read this and understand it.
2) The chat currently has a ZERO-Tolerance on spoilers. DO NOT POST THEM - you will be banned. Shortly we will be opening up a Spoiler Chat Room for those that like to discuss spoilers.
3) If you have a problem with Chat or have any suggestions please visit this thread in the Forum. Do not email me with issues please, and please ensure that you have read the FAQ's mentioned before making a post.
4) You have the choice of accessing the Chat either via the Web Version or by using an IRC Client. More information can be found in the FAQ about advance features and how to access using external client.
5) Make sure you read the FAQ to find out how to reserve your Nickname/Username in the Chat.

Thanks to all the beta testers that helped us during the testing period. We hope you enjoy the new chat room.

Launch the new chat here.

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