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Hey Guys,

As you all know being the huge LOST fans that you are, 12 years ago today LOST ended with it's feature length episode 'The End' which is sure to be one of the most debated, critically divided and momentous moments in TV history.

To reflect on the fact that we've all been 8 years without what I still believe is the greatest TV show to have ever existed, this is your chance to talk about what you think of the show as a whole now, what you made of 'The End', what LOST means to you, your favourite moments in the show and being within the LOST community.

Basically this is the chance to drown your sorrows and lament that fact that LOST is truly a show that is gone but not forgotten...

For me LOST really got me into the world of television, and I wouldn't be doing the stuff I do over on SpoilerTV without the community and devotion that LOST put so many people into. The incredible fact is that if DarkUFO had not fallen in love with the show, then this website and SpoilerTV would not have even existed...

I think everyone who loved the show, loved it because they connected with it's rich and relatable collection of flawed but heroic characters; I'm sure even though the island life looked tough, we all wished we were there living it with them.

Writing this makes me want to walk over to my shelf and take off my blu-ray LOST collection and sit down and watch 121 episodes of pure gold...


Here is a cool Fan Made Trailer for the First Season

Final Season Trailer

Here are some Cast and Promotional photos from the final season.

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