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Happy 19th Birthday LOST


As you may know, Lost is officially 19 years old today and IMHO the best TV show ever made. As a way of celebrating the 19 year anniversary I'd love to read everyone's thoughts and feelings of what they thought when they saw the first ever episode and what it was that got you hooked on this great show and where you were when you first started watching.

Here is the Opening Scene from LOST that got us all hooked onto the show

Update: 22nd September 2019 Thanks to DarkUFO reader Greg for sending us this awesome artwork to celebrate LOST.

Here is first trailer for the pilot that I could find. It was from May 2004

and a fan made Pilot Trailer.

and finally here is that strange UK Promo.

We also still have as many saved Promotional Photos that we could find here in our Gallery.

Also DarkUFO reader Greg has sent us these promotional images to celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary 5 years ago.

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