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Hey there Lost fans! We're very excited to see how many of you have signed up for the Season 5 LFL in less than a week's time! Season 5 is sure to be bigger and better for the LFL and we thank you all for your interest.

But before we can get to Season 5, we have to resolve our three-way tie for 2nd place for the Season 4 LFL. Our three 2nd place finishers were Loquo, mfll and Ryan. They were instructed to select any three League characters to make up their tie-breaker team. I then selected three random episodes with some help from my non-virtual hat.

The episodes the came out of the hat were: 4x02- Confirmed Dead; 4x05- The Constant; and 4x07- Ji-Yeon.

After adding up the character points for each episode, here are the final standings:

Congratulations to Loquo! You are our "official" 2nd prize winner and will receive a copy of Season 4 on DVD. Both Ryan and mfll will receive copies of the Season 4 soundtrack. Thank you all for playing!

And just to reiterate what DarkUFO said earlier, be sure not to miss out on any of the exciting Hiatus activities that are coming our way:

1) Make sure you send in your Fantasy League Submission form.
2) Complete you Season 5 Prediction Form.
3) Make sure you've completed your Episode Cup Predication Bracket.
4) Don't forget to vote in the Iconic Prop Cup - Elimination Phase.
5) And if you've not already signed up, pop on over to the Forums for the Hiatus Rewatch.
6) Sign up for the Forums and discuss Lost openly with fellow Lost fans.

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