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Update: 17th June Final update before I return on Monday.

Just a quick update on the Fantasy League to help answer some of the email queries I've been getting.

1) We don't have a close date for either the Fantasy League or the Prediction League.
2) The Submission Forms will be closed for both of these when we start seeing major spoilers come in from filming. We expect this to be sometime in August although some spoilers may start coming through as early as July during Comic Con. So basically get your teams/picks in ASAP to avoid disappointment.
3) The Prediction League Form does not send a confirmation email back to you. If you have forgotten your picks you will have to wait until the Form is closed and we publish the full table.
4) The graphic on the left shows the current state of play of the mini-leagues that have been setup this year so that you can a) track yourself against fellow players on your favourite sites and b) Have each site compete against each other to see who gets the best average score per Site.
5) With the above in mind, please ensure that you let your fellow message board sites know of the fantasy league so that they can sign up and remind them to make sure they select the right site. A number of sites have made posts on their homepage, blogs or made "Sticky" forum posts.
6) Teams with less than 10 members will not be included in the Inter Site Scoring but we will still provide stats for you to play against your fellow team members
7) Everyone is in the overall league so you will still be competing against EVERYONE who has entered regardless of mini-league they have entered.

Any questions, sound off below.

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