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Hey Losties,
We are already a few weeks into the long hiatus and yes I know it probably seems like forever before Season 5 starts, but team here has plenty of things planned to hopefully help make the hiatus pass a little quicker.

Also, we are planning to do more podcasts at The ODI and will try to keep many of you informed via the podcast with any sort of news, fun and potential spoilers.

This past week's podcast was our recap of the final two hours of the Season 4 finale. Since there was so much information to cover, we split it into two parts over the last week, so both parts are now available on iTunes or via the links below.

We provide you with a recap of the key moments that happened on-island in part 1 and then cover the FFs in part 2. As always we provide you with our opinions and we ended part two of the podcast with our thoughts on what to expect for Season 5 and Season 6.

NOTE: Some spoilers start at 46 Min mark of PART 2.

Here are the links to the podcast enjoy and namaste.

Part 1:

Part 2 (Spoilers at 46 Min Mark):

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