DarkUFO - Lost

Okay, we're getting close to the end now! Here's the results from Friday:

Jack 83.09% - Sayid 16.91%
Sawyer 88.44% - Miles 11.56%

We've still got one perfect bracket left in the contest and I'm pretty confident they'll make it through the day and into the Quarterfinals unscathed.

Today's first matchup is a battle of wills between two of the Others. Will the one-time leader come out on top or will it be the underling who was something of a thorn in his side? The second battle is between two original Losties, neither of whom survived all the way to the end. Will it be the hunter or the gardener?

Keep on voting!

Benjamin Linus vs. Juliet Burke

John Locke vs. Sun-Hwa Kwon

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