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It seems that the poll server was giving some of you problems yesterday. Sorry for the inconvenience. If there are problems today, I'll probably keep the next match live for 48 hours so everyone can get their votes in. Anyway, here's yesterday's results:

Ben 78.9% - Juliet 21.1%
Locke 86.42% - Sun 13.58%

Despite not having a full complement of votes, I think these results were a foregone conclusion. And our lone perfect bracket is still alive and well! We'll see how it does in the quarterfinals. We're down to one matchup a day and all of our Elite 8 have some brand new pictures as a reward for making it this far.

Starting off the Quarterfinals is a matchup between two non-Season 1 characters. One man found himself stuck on the Island for three years before finally making his escape. Those three years may have felt like an eternity to him but our other combatant literally spent centuries on the Island, gifted with eternal life from the Island's protector. Who will win between Desmond and Richard?

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