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Quarterfinal #1 is in the books, sending Desmond Hume to the semifinals for the fourth consecutive year! Desmond will go down in Character Cup history as the only character ever to land in the Top 4 in every single tournament. Congrats Des!

Desmond 81.62% - Richard 18.38%

We've still got that lone perfect bracket sitting at the top of the pack. Today's matchup could be one of the closest battles of the quarterfinals. Let's find out if the leader will fall today!

In one corner, we have an original Lostie. Some consider him the heart of the show, always there to keep his friends' spirits up. In the other corner is one of Season 2's best characters. He was ruthless and cunning as leader of the Others but gave up his power. His quest to regain power led him to do many shocking things but his quest melted at the kindness of his opponent today. Hurley became steward of the Island and chose Ben as his #2. Today though, there can be only one.

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