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Update: 14th Sept 18:00 GMT
Submissions for the 2008 Lost Fantasy League are now closed. I'll be posting lots of facts and figures about the teams and entries etc as well as picking out of few of the Celebrity Picks and the most popular team formations.

Update: 14th Sept 17:30 GMT Submissions close in 30 minutes time (6pm GMT).
Update: 14th Sept 14:00 GMT Submissions close in 4 Hours time (6pm GMT). We have just passed 2300 entrants.
Update: 13th Sept Less that 48 Hours to go until the submission are closed.
Update: 12th Sept We've just passed 2000 entrants!
Update: 11th Sept We've now passed over 1800 entries to the competition and I will be closing the submission form Friday evening GMT time so make sure you get your entries in. You should have received an email confirmation that your entry was processed if not, don't worry as we will display all entries a few days after we close submissions. If you want to check to see if your team is in, try to resubmit your team with your email address. If it says Duplicate Entry then you know your entry is already in the system.
NOTE: Confirmation emails can take up to 24 hrs to be sent out due to the large demand.

Ok, here we go. As G-Man has already announced we'll be conducting a Fantasy League for everyone on the site this year. This was in response to a large number of people who missed out on the Prediction League that we'll also be running for Season 4.

This should make watching each episode of Lost mean even more to you as each episode, event, character will be earning you points based on their actions etc.

If you are a member of any Lost Forum/Site/Board, would you be so kind as to let them know of this Competition so that we get as many entries in as possible.

1) This is open to everyone who has a Blogger account. If you have not got one, you can get one free here. Sign-up for a Free Blogger Account.
2) You pick 1 character from each of the 7 groups below.
3) Each episode your character is awarded or deducted points based on certain events, see below.
4) After each episode myself and G-Man will collate all the points and publish a league table of who is currently winning. G-Man also hopes to do a Video Podcast summarising the weekly events and points, as well as a look forward to next weeks episode and potential points.
5) You may only submit 1 entry per email/blogger account.
6) Prizes for the Fantasy League will be announced later in the year.
7) Myself and G-Man will both be entering but will not be eligible for Prizes :)

Character Groups
Obviously if we asked you to just pick 7 characters 99% of you would probably go with Locke, Jack, Sawyer, Ben, Desmond, Hurley, Juliet etc, so to make this more skillful and tricky we've put the characters into 7 groups. Using the submission form at the end of this post you must select one character from each group for your team.

With this grouping of characters there are over 78,000 different combinations!

Points Allocation
As with all Fantasy Teams, your players/characters are awarded points each week. Myself and G-Man have come up with the following points allocation. So use your knowledge of Lost and a bit of luck to select the 7 Characters you think will earn you the most points.

How do you Stack Up?
As mentioned Myself and G-Man will be participating in this competition, however we've also picked a number of well known Lost fans, Sites and personalities from the Lost World. We're hoping to add some more but for now we have the following taking part.

Jorge Garcia - LOST.
Izzy from Spoilerfix
DocArzt from The Tailsection
Edith - Site owner of Spicedogs - Micheal Emerson Fan Site
Execute - Site Owner of PerdidosporLOSTClub
Vozzek69 - DarkUFO Review Writer
SaveMeJeebus - SpoilerTV Administrator
ThEmIsFiTiShErE - Crazed Lost fan
Insiderscoop - Lost Spoiler Guru
Secretagentman - From TWoP Spoiler Fame
Adam - Lostpedia Sysop
SpOOky - Lost Continuity Expert and 4815162342.com Forum Regular.
David - Site Owner of LostPH
Andrew - Site Administrator of Oliv3r.net
Gertiebeth - Site owner of Lost-Media
TxVoodoo - Site owner of TxVoodoo
Xan - Webmaster, Lost-TV
Rachel (aka Ack) - Lost Recapper
Serban - Site Owner of Lost Romania
David-Bildo - Site Owner Islote Perdidos
Cerberus - Site Admin of StationZer0
Jay and Jack - Lost Podcasters
Lost Virtual Tour site owners
Cláudia and Sérgio - Lost in Portugal owners
Fiona - Fishbiscuit - Lost Recapper
The Lost Ninja
The Founder of Lost Wikia
The Owners of LostZilla
Ryan from The Tranmission - Hawaiian Podcaster and Spoiler Hound
The ODI - Lost Blogger
Jennifer Godwin - Watch with Kristin writer

I've also emailed several other large sites and personalities and as soon as I get confirmation that they are in I'll let you know, and fingers crossed on a couple of surprise entrants :)

Just had word from Jorge Garcia that he will also be entering. I wonder if his insider knowledge will help him :)

Submission Form
Use the form below to submit your entires. Please ensure that you put in a valid email address so that we can contact you for prizes if you win.

IMPORTANT: Once you have submitted your Entry, leave a comment to this post so that we can check that your entry has been successful.

NOTE: It is advised that you get your submissions in ASAP as the submission form will be closed once we start getting any major spoilers in that will tilt the submissions too much. When the submissions are closed we will publish a full list of all entries so that you can check to see if your entry has been recorded. New entries will only be allowed under exceptional circumstances, that is why it is important to leave a comment to this post so that we can see a timestamp of your entry.

Any questions, please do not hesitate in asking here in the comments, or by emailing me.


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