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Update: I've just posted some of the "celebrity" picks that I've found so far. Who do you think has the best chance with their teams?

Well the submissions are closed and we have now collated all the results, teams and submissions. Below are the facts and figures of the entries. I'll be posting some of the celebrity picks later on but for now thanks to everyone who has entered and I wish you the best luck when Season 4 starts.

Total Teams : 2395
Unique Teams : 1701 (These are teams that no one else has the same selections)

193 Teams have 1 duplicate (These are teams that 2 people have selected the same team)
57 Teams have 2 duplicates (That means 3 people have selected the same team)

Most Popular Selections

9 Teams : Locke Desmond Rousseau Alex Penny Hawking Christian
8 Teams : Locke Desmond Rousseau Walt Penny Libby Christian

7 Teams
Jack Desmond Sun Alex Penny Libby Christian
Sawyer Desmond Rousseau Alex Penny Libby Christian

Character Groupings

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