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Congratulations to Sawyer- his respectable victory over Hurley puts him into the Semifinals. It seems like Hurley didn't have much of a chance to pull off the win from very early on in the competition, but he did manage to gain some ground throughout the day. But in the end, the lovable millionaire's run for the Character Cup was ended by the well-read, wise-cracking southerner.

We're now halfway done with the Quarterfinals and just two more days from the Semis.

Tonight, the Hat has selected two characters whose relationship started off well but grew increasingly rockier through to their final encounter together. Michael Dawson began as a concerned father merely trying to get his son rescued. He fit into camp and pitched in with several helpful ideas. After his son Walt was kidnapped however, all he could think about was getting his son back- whatever the cost.

Jack Shephard initially appreciated Michael's commitment to Walt and his attempts to get all the survivors rescued. However, once Michael became interested only in finding Walt, Jack became frustrated by Michael's poor decision-making and eventually enraged to discover that he had murdered two fellow castaways and brokered a deal with the Others.

Is this a case of a Judas vs. a savior? Selfish father vs. selfless leader? Traitor vs. hero?

However you slice it, one of them has got to go.

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