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Well congratulations to Jack Shephard! His dominating victory over Michael moves him into the Semifinals, which has the potential for some very epic battles. While his victory was on the sweeping side, Jack has still been a surprise to many in this tournament. Is it due to lucky breaks or underestimation on the part of his foes? I have a pretty good feeling we'll find out whether the Doc can put up big numbers against the biggest of dogs come the next round.

But, before we get there, we have to finish the Quarterfinals.

Tonight's matchup revisits the conflict between John Locke and Mr. Eko. They have a variety of similarities: Both have encountered the Monster more than once, seeing its calmer side and its more aggressive side (though with different results). They are both strong in faith. They were also both Button-pushers at one point or another.

There are also major differences between them: They come from two widely different groups of survivors- the Losties and the Tailies. The faiths they hold are different- Locke being of a more mystical and Eastern philosophical mindset, while Eko represents Western theology and philosophy. One saw coincidence where the other saw fate.

While they initially got along, conflict grew between them when John was stubborn in leading Eko to the question mark. When Locke's faith in the Button was shattered, Eko's faith in it grew. It was over the Button that these two saw their greatest conflict, though they seemed to resolve their issues post-Hatch implosion.

But the Hat doesn't care.

The Hat wants conflict. The Hat wants bloodshed. The Hat wants you to choose one of these men.

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