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Congratulations to Desmond! History repeated itself as Charlie's fate was sealed by the troubled Scotsman. Desmond is our first contestant to earn a spot in the Semifinals, the Final Four if you will. Whoever he faces, it will certainly be a tough matchup.

Tonight's karmic matchup is another heavyweight bout, and it revolves around nicknames. Both characters squaring off tonight go by a nickname or alias other than the name they were born with. Nicknames are also a point of contention between the two.

For much of the series, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes was one of James "Sawyer" Ford's easiest targets for his seemingly endless supply of nicknames. Hurley seemed to think nothing more than Sawyer was a jerk, but it evidently built up inside. During the Season 2 episode "Dave," Sawyer pushed Hurley too far and they literally came to blows.

Since then they seem to have patched things up, though Hurley challenged and defeated Sawyer in a ping pong match and forced Sawyer to go a week without using his precious nicknames.

But this isn't ping pong. This is the Character Cup. And the right to use nicknames aren't on the line here; the right to exist is. Who will win the battle of the nicknames?

Vote for your favorite and voice your opinions in the comments section.

P.S.- Congratulations to Kate and her towel for winning the Round 3 Best in Show award.

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