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How about them nail-biters! Whew! Two consecutive days of close matchups to finish out Round 3 leaves us with our Elite Eight contestants. Congratulations to Hurley for hanging tough against a very popular Sayid. It's a shame to part with either character, really, but just as Boone was a sacrifice that Sayid demanded, Sayid was a sacrifice that Hurley demanded. And in the end, they're all sacrifices that the Hat demands.

Hurley started out behind and trailed by as much as 5% for a while, but he climbed back into the thick of it. For part of the day, Hurley and Sayid were separated by less than 10 votes, going back and forth with each other for the slimmest of leads. In the end, Hurley gained momentum and pulled far enough away from Sayid to secure a 93 vote victory.

Before we begin Round 4, the Quarterfinals, let's take a moment to pay our respects to the recently departed: Benjamin Linus, Danielle Rousseau, Ethan Rom, Juliet Burke, Kate Austen, Sayid Jarrah, Smoke Monster, and Walter "Walt" Lloyd.

Now then, down to business. The rest of the Cup has turned out to be an all men affair. The pictures are now a little bigger as well. The winners were thrown back into the Hat and the Hat threw back some very interesting matchups. Each of Round 4's matchups involve a history of conflict between the characters, proving further still that the Hat is amused by the characters interconnectedness and likes karmic pairings.

Take tonight's for instance. These two, while largely not physically confrontational, posed problems for the other. Desmond was given the ability to see the future, which always involved Charlie's death. He was vexed with the knowledge of being unable to delay the rock god's demise forever but tried nonetheless.

Charlie was very troubled with Desmond's prognostications and did his best to deal with this knowledge. He righted his wrongs but constantly inquired of Desmond if he had seen any new visions of his death and what it entailed.

The conflict between Desmond and Charlie was one of the major story arcs of Season 3, so it's only fitting that we revisit it here in the Character Cup. Will Charlie's fate be in Desmond's hands yet again, or will the seer see his luck run out?

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