DarkUFO - Lost

No surprises today! Here are the results:

Hurley 82.17% - Daniel 17.83%
Richard 76.63% - Jacob 23.37%

Our bracket leader is still on top and still perfect in his picks. How much longer can he last? Probably another day, I would suspect.

Today's matchups pit main characters against each other. Up first are two original Losties that have worked together nearly all series long. They both displayed leadership on the Island and were both part of the Oceanic 6. In then end, both made sacrifices for the greater good.

Our second matchup features an original Lostie and the last remaining member of the freighter crew. The two of them bonded and became good friends during the three years they spent trapped in the 1970s as part of the DHARMA Initiative. Both men also managed to escape the Island and were partners in the afterlife.

Bonds of friendship must be broken! Please cast your votes.

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