DarkUFO - Lost

Oh boy... commentary this week should be nuts! Winding down toward the finale, The Variable begins closing out the Dharmaville chapters of LOST and promises us the warmth and familiarity of our old "back on the beach" episodes. We're about to trade knowing what's going to happen next for the joy of being completely blind again, living in lean-to's, and running from invisible monsters (sorta). Congratulations to everyone involved with this great show on 100 amazing episodes. Things I Noticed:

'Sorry, but You're Gonna Have to Be a Physicist'... Performed in D-Minor

Finally, someone with mommy issues! Daniel's mom interrupts his future as a concert pianist to give him a lesson in destiny, and to encourage a lifetime of pocket protectors, razor-thin ties, and high-level mathematics. Either way, he's not getting the cheerleader. But hey, let's talk about destiny for a minute.

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