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Congratulations go to the Frozen Donkey Wheel, the Virgin Mary Statues, the Swan Station Countdown Timer, and the Fuselage Wreckage. They all proceed through to Round 3.

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Match 1: Room 23 was an unforgettable Lost location, and what better prop to represent the room than the glowing blue brainwashing glasses. The Orchid Station time travel pod was designed to harness the special properties of the island, or more specifically the frozen wheel. One small hop for a white rabbit, one giant leap for the Dharma Initiative. Daniel's Journal contained much mathematical knowledge, a lot of which seems to pertain to the island itself, but it was "Desmond Hume will be MY constant" that played a significant role in our understanding of the show. Charlie's FATE, or LATE, was perhaps our first real hint that the fates of our Losties were already decided. These tiny finger decorations would later act as a breadcrumb trail, in the search for a certain Mr. Ethan.

Match 2: As if the underground temple cavern wasn't astonishing enough, the camera then focused in on the wall mural of the god Anubis and what appears to be the Smoke Monster. The mural sits above the Cerberus vent. It seems to indicate that the Smoke Monster has long existed. The photo of Desmond & Penny caused a bit of a stir when the female in the shot mysteriously changed, and again when it appeared that there was more than one copy of the photograph. Still, it has played an important role in the character development and story telling of fan favourite Desmond. The Ancient Hieroglyphic Door is just that, and it is located within one of the Dharmaville houses. It offered Ben right of entry to an underground grotto , in which he was able to summon the Smoke Monster via a hole in the ground. Locke's Orange Peel isn't a piece that holds a lot of meaning, but it is a piece that is instantly recognisable. It offered up a rather surreal moment, when a disturbed Kate was removing the boots from a deceased Oceanic passenger. Locke merely smiled at her, revealing the bright orange peel. It was apparent there and then that Locke would be an interesting character.

Which props will you vote for today?

Please note: Round 2 polls are multiple choice, meaning that you may vote for more than one prop in each poll. Two props will proceed from each Round 2 poll.

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