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So, here we go with Round 2, and there are sure to be some tough choices ahead. All round 2 polls have been randomly drawn. Polls allow for multiple voting, as was the case in Round 1. Choose carefully, and good luck to the props.

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Match 1: Perhaps one of the most unsettling props to date, the cabin chair kept us on the edge of our seats. Ben later admitted to lying about seeing Jacob in the chair, but will the emergence of the "Man in Black" give the chair new meaning? The Virgin Mary Statues have been on a journey that rivals even our Losties' journey; from the innocence of charity, to the darkness of drug smuggling, and then crashing down onto the mysterious island. The Frozen Donkey Wheel provided a moment that turned everything on its head. An icey wheel that, when turned, would transport a person (or animal) across the world and into the future. Need anything else be said? Wow. The Sonic Fence was Dharma's defence against the hostiles, but was also proven useful against the Smoke Monster. Still, it was no match for Richard.

Match 2: The Swan Station Countdown Timer was last year's Prop Cup Winner, and deservedly so. The anticipation that came with watching the clock tick down is unrivalled, and who can forget the first time that those daunting hieroglyphic symbols appeared? The Fuselage Wreckage represents Oceanic Flight 815, as well as our Losties' survival in the weeks following the crash. You only need think back to the opening scene of the Pilot episode to appreciate it's magnificence. The Ajira Plane played a pivotal role in reuniting some of our favourite Losties. It provided some great scenes, such as the Oceanic 6 (almost) reunion, the reveal of Locke's suicide note, and of course Frank's outstanding landing skills. Locke's Drawing of the Smoke Monster pretty much cemented into stone that Locke was special. At a young age, decades before arriving on the island, he somehow knew of the future that awaited him, even if only subconsciously.

Which props will you vote for today?

Please note: Round 2 polls are multiple choice, meaning that you may vote for more than one prop in each poll. Two props will proceed from each Round 2 poll.

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