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Match 5: The Jughead was one of the centrepieces of Season 5. "Bury it", Daniel told his mother, which they did, only then for the bomb to be resurrected as part of a daring plan to alter the timeline of the island and indeed the world. Did it work? We shall see. One of Charlie's cherished possessions, the Driveshaft ring remained with him for his stay on the show, before being passed down to Aaron. We eventually found out that it wasn't a tour ring at all, but a ring representative of "Dexter Stratton". We still don't know what is/was inside Hurley's guitar case, only that it was passed on to him by Jacob. Some theorize that it contains something vitally important, whilst others think that it was merely a floatation device for when Hurley flashed into the island lagoon. Old time favourite, Michael's Raft, was built by Michael, Jin and Sawyer, and was intended as a means of salvation. The first raft got toasted, but the second raft had a successful launch. Hopes were shattered when the raft was intercepted by The Others, and Walt was kidnapped. The Raft was mostly destroyed by an explosive.

Match 6: Following the crash of Oceanic flight 815, the tail end survivors got the worst of it. Eko was forced to kill, in order to protect his fellow survivors, and as a result he created what we now refer to as Eko's Stick, or the Jesus Stick. It is a stick upon which he inscribed scriptures from the bible. Following Eko's death, the stick offered Locke the inspiration and knowledge that he needed to continue on his journey. Ben's ninja baton has appeared a few times, but the most notable appearance was in the Tunisia desert. Ben was approached by two armed men on horseback and forced to surrender. But surrender he did not. He flipped open his baton and put to work his incredible close-combat fighting skills. Sawyer's Letter defines the journey of Sawyer's character. Written as a child, the letter remained with him throughout his entire life. It was his every intention to deliver the letter to "Mr. Sawyer" personally, and then to get his revenge. Perhaps it was indeed fate that eventually brought our Sawyer and Anthony Cooper together. Within the darkened confines of the Black Rock ship, Sawyer was finally able to get his closure. The Apollo Chocolate bar is one of those props that doesn't hold a massive significance, but it doesn't need to, because it is instantly recognisable as being a part of the LOST universe. Not only that, but it is probably one of the single most recognisable pieces of the show.

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