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Wow. As soon as things get interesting with a few close matches we go right back to the blowouts!

Hurley 86% - Christian 14%
Desmond 96% - Radzinsky 4%

Hurley was predicted to win in 93% of the brackets, with Christian managing just 5.8%. Desmond was predicted to be victorious in 98% of all brackets; Radzinsky only 1.2%. So no surprises this time. We've still got seven bracketeers holding onto perfection and plenty of others hoping for them to slip up soon.

Today marks the end of Round 2. We're closing it out with some interesting matchups. Might there still be a statistical upset in the cards? We'll know by tomorrow morning.

Up first is another potential bracket buster between two men of interesting professions. One is a Nigerian warlord-turned-priest and the other is a ghost whisperer from Encino. One is very much dead while the other's fate was left up in the air at the end of Season 5. Who will it be- Eko or Miles?

Our other matchup pits an Other against an original Lostie. The Other has been seen a good bit lately, while the Lostie has been MIA since Season 4. Will you support the man who supposedly wears eyeliner or will you toss some love the baby mama's way? Richard vs. Claire closes us out!

Match #15: Eko vs. Miles

Match #16: Richard vs. Claire

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