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Congrats to Mr. Eko and Richard Alpert! Their victories yesterday closed out Round 2. Miles was leading at the start of the day but Eko inched ahead slowly but surely and edged him out. Richard didn't have much competition at all from Claire in a moderate blowout. Here's the results:

Eko 56% - Miles 44%
Richard 79% - Claire 21%

Eko was predicted to win in 58.2% of all brackets, while Miles only picked up 36.6%. Richard was an overwhelming favorite, predicted to win in 93.9% of all brackets, leaving Claire with a paltry support base of just 5.7%. So, we still have yet to see a statistical upset!

But now it's Round 3. This means tougher matchups and new pictures! That's right, I've gone through and given our Sweet 16 contestants a face lift. There's just 6 bracketeers left with a perfect bracket and today is going to cut that number down for sure!

First up is a battle of two original Losties. One has since passed on and the other was last seen quite close to death. One is a former addict and the other is a former member of the Iraqi Republican Guard. Will you support the bloody rock god or the tough-as-snails soldier?

Our second match is between a Tailie and an Other-turned-Lostie. One is dead and the other is most likely dead but nothing is certain until Season 6 rolls around. One came to the Island by plane; the other by submarine. Will you vote for the warlord-turned priest or the blonde bombshell?

Match #1: Charlie vs. Sayid

Match #2: Eko vs. Juliet

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