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Hey! Finally we had some matches that were a little on the closer side of the spectrum. Jacob and Charlie started out pretty close but Charlie managed to pull away and stay ahead. Vincent put up a valiant effort but didn't have it in him to keep up with Kate. Here's how it all worked out:

Charlie 59% - Jacob 41%
Kate 63% - Vincent 37%

Charlie was predicted to win Round 2 in 51.2% of all brackets, making him a slight overachiever in the polls. Jacob was predicted to win in 40.6% of the brackets, so his numbers were just about dead on. Kate was predicted to win in 65.3% of all brackets and Vincent only 10.9%.

There are now just 7 perfect brackets left in the competition! Is it possible that one of these seven will go all the way? Or will they all get one wrong and leave the DVD prize race wide open? Only time will tell.

Today we've got some interesting matches. Up first is a dead guy and someone who can see him. Both seem to have a connection to Jacob. One claims to speak for him while the other is capable of seeing him and has met him personally. Will it be the Dad or the Dude?

The second fight is a hatch match! Two former residents of the Swan station are going toe to toe. Will you support the man who designed it or the man who destroyed it? Is it going to be the angry American or the sexy Scotsman?

Match # 13: Christian vs. Hurley

Match #14: Radznisky vs. Desmond

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