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Once again, things weren't much of a surprise. Sayid and Daniel put Penny and Libby to rest quite easily. Here's the final results:

Sayid 78% - Penny 22%
Daniel 91% - Libby 9%

Sayid was predicted to win in 82.2% of all brackets compared to Penny's 10.8%. Daniel was predicted to dominate Libby in the brackets 97.1% to 2.4%. While not too exciting, these matchups did manage to eliminate a perfect bracket or two though, leaving us with just 10 bracketeers clinging to a spotless record

So, a whole week without an exciting matchup? This is simply unacceptable! Let's change that right now.

Today's first match sees two very interesting characters going head-to-head. One has been mentioned for several years now and finally appeared, only to seemingly die in the Season 5 finale. The other has been mentioned and seen a few times recently but died way back in Season 3. Both characters have their fans and are pretty popular. Who will win when Jacob and Charlie go at it?

Our second fight on the card today is a man vs. beast affair. A lovable mutt is taking on one of the show's main characters. Vincent brings new meaning to the term 'underdog' but can he pull out an upset and send Kate home early?

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