DarkUFO - Lost

So much for a potential close one! It seems that the allure of Walt has been lost on most fans, as Frank beat him by a near 3-1 margin. Ben, as expected, destroyed Rose and also moves on to the third round of competition. Here's the results:

Ben 93% - Rose 7%
Frank 71% - Walt 29%

Ben was predicted to win in 98.5% of all brackets compared to Rose's paltry 0.9% prediction rate. Frank was predicted to win in just 48.4% of all brackets. This does not make him our first statistical upset though, as Walt was only predicted to win in 30.6% of all brackets. The difference lies in those who thought Rousseau would beat Frank and then go on to beat Walt.

We did manage to knock another bracketeer off of their pursuit of perfection though! There are now just 12 perfect brackets left and it looks like some of the battles coming next week might reduce the number of perfect brackets even further.

But now for today's matchups. Up first is a kind and gentle woman going up against a trained killer. Both have known love and sometimes where their emotions on the sleeves. But in the end, will you support the mother or the murderer?

Our second bout features two very well-liked but very dead characters. One is a physicist while the other claimed to be a psychologist. Will you favor the Freighter Four member or the Tailie?

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