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UPDATE: Our stats man Locke4God has delivered the goods for your reading pleasure!

Eight matches down and another 55 to go! Yesterday's matches may not have had as much sizzle and pop as Day 1, but the results of one match sure did surprise a few of you. Two days in and we're already down to just 380 bracketeers holding onto perfection. Here are yesterday's results:

Sun 94% - Phil 6%
Boone 62% - Ethan 38%
Miles 89% - Horace 11%
Sayid 91% - Aaron 9%

Today we've got a couple of matchups that could go either way. The rest of the kids have come out to play as well. Our first matchup pits a another bad person against an innocent child. Second on the card is another baby taking on a baby-daddy. The third slot belongs to two women who have histories on the Island. Our fourth and final battle of the day features two supporting characters- one we haven't seen in a while and one we've just met.

Who will survive and what will be left of your brackets? We're going to find out!

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