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Wow! After just three days of action we're down to only 116 perfect brackets remaining! Here's how yesterday's battles panned out:

Anthony Cooper 62% - Charlie Hume 38%
Desmond 97% - Ji-Yeon Kwon 3%
Eloise 67% - Charlotte 33%
Bram 55% - Cindy 45%

We've got one more set of matchups before we take a break over the weekend. Be sure to vote today and to come back on Monday, when we'll start working through the second half of Round 1.

Today we have three likely landslides and another potential bracket-buster. First up is a cruel Father-Daughter fight. Second is a battle between a tormented father and a haunted fellow Season 1 Lostie. The third duel of the day pits two lethal characters together- an Other vs. Tailie cage match! Our final bout is between a man who's time was short and a man who deifies time.

Check it out and vote! I'll post the results tomorrow and four more great matchups on Monday.

Match #13: Ben vs. Alex

Match #14: Michael vs. Hurley

Match # 15: Mikhail vs. Ana Lucia

Match #16: Arzt vs. Richard

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