DarkUFO - Lost

UPDATE: Here is our latest update from stats master Locke4God

Alright alright! We've got our first batch of victims! The Man in Black couldn't hold onto an early lead in a close bout, Karl got absolutely creamed, Danielle lost by a surprising margin, and Jin Kwon continues to get no love. Here are your winners:

Kate 55% - Man in Black 45%
Daniel 96% - Karl 4%
Frank 70% - Danielle 30%
Charlie 67% - Jin 33%

The first day of competition has already resulted in roughly 2/3 of our bracketeers getting knocked out of contention for the Perfect Bracket prize of $100. Everyone is still eligible for the DVD prize for highest overall score though. Any thing can happen and we've got quite a ways to go.

Now for Day 2 of the madness! Today holds a number of interesting matchups. Our first battle is between characters separated by time. Then there's a brother versus an Other in a Season 1 slugfest. The third match pits an employer against his employee. Lastly, we've got the definition of innocence squaring off against a man who is anything but.

Who will win today? Let's find out!

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