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Update: Hopefully all the pictures work now!

Update: 17:24 The heavy traffic has knocked out G-man's photobucker account. Hopefully he'll be able to re-upload them to the DarkUFO server shortly.

Update: 15:45 Thanks to our resident Stats guru, Locke4God who returns for the Character Cup to give us some insight into the numbers.


Razzle dazzle baby- it's dancin' time! The 2009 Character Cup is upon us and all your friends are here. We've got Sawyer! We've got Jack! We've got Vincent and the Man in Black! Open the curtains and start the show! Grab your crash helmets 'cuz here we go!

We aren't wasting any time this year, we've got some potential bracket busters for you right out of the gate! If you didn't make a bracket, that's fine! It's just a little extra bit of fun to go along with the tourney. Everyone is free to vote in the polls every day, so please do so! I'll be taking the weekends off, so be sure to check in Monday through Friday mornings (US Eastern) for the next Lost-tastic matchup.

So let's get to it! Let's start voting and eliminating some folk!

Today's matchups are all interesting. First up we have one of the new kids on the block taking on one of the original losties. Our second matchup sees an Other taking on one of the Freighter Folk. Match #3 has one of the most intriguing supporting character taking on a supporting player whose stock may be on the rise. Our final matchup of the day sees two lovable characters locking horns.

By now, you know the characters, so bios are pointless. I've done my best to tell their stories though pictures. If you still want to compare their detailed histories to help you make up your mind, hit up Lostpedia for the goods. Thanks are due to Lost-Media for all the pictures I'm using this year. Without them, I'd be lost. :-p

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