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On the back of the Character Cup, comes the second annual ‘Iconic Image / Prop Cup’ - or as we’re calling it this year ‘The Iconic Prop Cup 2008’ - as hosted by DarkUFO, and produced in part by Dharmageddon.

Props play a hugely significant role in any television show or movie, and none more so than in LOST. LOST is defined by its characters, its locations and its props. We only have to think back to how props such as the Swan Station Computer Terminal, Locke’s Wheelchair, Sawyer’s Letter, Eko’s Jesus Stick, Jacob’s Chair, Radzinsky’s Blast Door Map and many others, have helped to shape the show.

Essentially, an Iconic LOST prop is any item, object, or set piece from the show that holds some sort of iconic significance to the show’s storyline and its characters.

Just like last year, the Cup will run via a series of elimination rounds. Round 1 will see two polls of six props per day, with two winners from each poll proceeding through to Round 2, and so on. Eventually we will have dwindled the props down to just two in the final.

Last year’s ‘Iconic Prop Cup’ saw the following four props battling through to the bitter end. Notably, it was the Swan Station which dominated the winning places, with three out of the four winning props belonging to the station itself. Season 2 truly was the undisputed champ last year:

1st: Radzinsky’s Blast Door Map
2nd: The Swan Station Orientation Film
3rd: The Swan Station Computer Terminal
4th: Eko’s Stick

Will history repeat itself this year? Or will there be upsets to disturb the balance? With 94 new props, and 144 props in total, only time will tell. One thing is for sure, the contest is about to get bigger and better.

The ‘Iconic Prop Cup 2008’ will commence soon (within the coming fortnight) and we hope that you all look forward to taking part and voting throughout the weeks to come. Viva la Props!

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