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Congratulations to Desmond! He was the runner-up last year but this year he is the undisputed DarkUFO Character Cup champion!

Desmond: 64% (selected to win the Finals on 17.8% of all brackets)
Jack: 36% (selected to win the Finals on 5.6% of all brackets)

There was to be no miraculous comeback for Jack this time. He put up decent numbers, but he just couldn't hold his own against Desmond.

Congratulations to Rachel Ruskin! She is the lucky bracketeer to top our leader board at the end of the competition. I do believe this means that she is the winner of the Season 4 DVD set! We'll wait for confirmation from DarkUFO, but I believe we're going with the bracket site's top bracketeer in the event of a tie.

Thank you all for making this year's Character Cup full of excitement. I think just about every single item I mentioned in that teaser video came true, good and bad, but it was still fun, right? Whether your favorite came out on top or not, I'm glad that you all took part. After all the nail-biters, blowouts and come-from-behind wins, who knows what next year's Cup will be like!

Don't run off into Hiatus Hibernation just yet Lost fans! Our good friend Dharmageddon will soon be bringing you some more fast-paced voting action with the 2008 Iconic Prop Cup!

Now for some gratuitous Desmond eye candy:

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