DarkUFO - Lost

Congratulations to Ben! He has claimed 3rd place in this year's Character Cup. Hurley loses, but still finishes a respectable 4th.

Today we've got the big one! The last hurrah, the Big Dance, the Finals! Over the next two days, voters will decide who is to become the 2008 Character Cup Champion! This year's victor not only gets all the glamor and bragging rights associated with such a prestigious honor, but it will also determine which of our bracketeers will win the Season 4 DVD set!

Now then, our opponents. Both of our finalists pulled off stunning come-from-behind victories in the late hours of their previous matchups. Will one of them repeat such an act? We'll just have to wait and see!

Our first contestant hails from Los Angeles. Loved and hated, he is one of the more polarizing characters on the show. Our second contestant hails from Scotland. He is also loved and hated and has had one of the most bizarre storylines on the show.

Will it be the doctor or former monk? The Lostie leader or the accidental Islander? Will it be Jack Shephard or Desmond Hume?

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