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We're back in action ladies and gentlemen! There's just two matchups left in this year's Character Cup and only one of them counts for that lovely DVD prize! We'll be keeping the polls open for two days for both the 3rd place matchup and the Finals.

Today sees the start of our 3rd place battle. It pits two characters who were very narrowly defeated in the semis and are looking to bounce back in a big way. On the show, they appear to be on the same side now, but here in the Character Cup, they are mortal foes.

Our first fighter hails from California and is one of the most lovable and harmless characters on the show. His opponent is almost his exact opposite. Hailing from just outside Portland, Oregon and from the Island, he is one of the most cold, calculating and dangerous people in the history of Lost.

Will it be the former mental patient or the former book club member? The Oceanic 6er or the Island exile? Will it be Hugo "Hurley" Reyes or Benjamin Linus?

Hugo “Hurley” Reyes
One-time psych ward patient and fast food clerk, Hurley won a huge sum of money by playing the lottery with numbers he picked up from his time in the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. He came to believe his money was cursed though. After surviving the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, the Numbers seemed to follow him. He seemed to have broken his curse and found a sense of belonging with the survivors. He is a member of the Oceanic 6 and was readmitted to Santa Rosa not long after returning home. He was last seen breaking out of Santa Rosa with help from Sayid.

Benjamin Linus
A one-time member of the DHARMA Initiative and leader of the Others, Ben has a very turbulent past. His mother died at birth, leaving him in the custody of a resentful father. Ben and his dad joined the DHARMA Initiative when he was a boy but he quickly grew to hate it. He helped the Hostiles purge DHARMA and became their leader, getting orders from Jacob. He was captured by Rousseau after the crash of Flight 815 and developed a tense relationship with the survivors. Ben turned the frozen donkey wheel and moved the Island, banishing himself from it in the process. He was last seen discussing a return to the Island with Jack.

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