DarkUFO - Lost

As you may have noticed we've had a lot of problems recently with the poll software that we use here at DarkUFO and SpoilerTV. As a result I've been playing around with Poll Daddy polls now that they have an unlimited plan. As a result please can you try the poll below and let me know if you have any problems with either voting or displaying the results.

I would also encourage you to try and CHEAT to see if you can multiple vote on these suckers :) This is one of the few times we encourage you to cheat!

Please let me have your feedback in the comments below or if you are shy, email me.

NOTE: When you revisit the site or refresh the page after voting, the poll will appear to let you vote again, but if you vote again look at the top of the poll and it will say "Thank you, we have already counted your vote."

We welcome relevant, respectful comments.
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