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Character Cup Update

Wow, another photo finish! Ben led for most of the day, but Desmond crept back slowly but surely. By the end of the day it was a 50-50 matchup, but who won? Call it destiny, call it fate, but whatever the reason, our resident Scotsman is headed to the Finals for the second straight year.

Desmond: 50% (selected to win Round 5 on 23.8% of all brackets)
Ben: 50% (selected to win Round 5 on 48.8% of all brackets)

Congratulations to Desmond! He clawed his way through Ben's lead and took the match by just seven votes. This sets up a Jack vs. Desmond Final and a Hurley vs. Ben 3rd place match.

I am taking the weekend off, so our 3rd place matchup will take place Monday and Tuesday, with our Final occurring Wednesday and Thursday. That's right, two days of voting for each bout. By next Friday we'll have our champion character and our champion bracketeer.

The bracket site has been updated and Vinnie has been dethroned! Our new leader is Paula "coolpeace" Coolpeace. Will she win the DVDs or will someone else take it from her at the last possible moment? We'll find out next week. :-)

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