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What a day! What started out as an early lead for Hurley collapsed into a neck and neck race that went to the final minutes of voting. In the end, Jack's supporters didn't let him down. The doc took the win by four votes and moves on to the Finals, which will be next week. Hurley will take on today's loser in the 3rd place matchup, which will begin on Monday.

Jack: 50% (selected to win Round 5 on 24% of all brackets)
Hurley: 50% (selected to win Round 5 on 14.7% of all brackets)

The bracket site has been updated and Vinnie is still leading the pack. Will he win the DVD set or will his bracket be busted at the last minute?

Today's matchup represents the non-Lostie side of the Cup (of sorts). Both characters facing off today are wildly popular and neither one was a passenger on Oceanic Flight 815. One came to the Island as a child long ago as part of the DHARMA Initiative while the other came to the Island as an adult in a freak boating accident. One of these men will make it to the Finals to take on Jack Shephard. Will it be the Island mover or the plane crasher? The exiled leader or the time-traveler? Will it be Ben or Desmond?

Benjamin Linus
A one-time member of the DHARMA Initiative and leader of the Others, Ben has a very turbulent past. His mother died at birth, leaving him in the custody of a resentful father. Ben and his dad joined the DHARMA Initiative when he was a boy but he quickly grew to hate it. He helped the Hostiles purge DHARMA and became their leader, getting orders from Jacob. He was captured by Rousseau after the crash of Flight 815 and developed a tense relationship with the survivors. Ben turned the frozen donkey wheel and moved the Island, banishing himself from it in the process. He was last seen discussing a return to the Island with Jack.

Desmond Hume
A former set designer, monk and soldier, Desmond is uniquely caught in the middle of all the action surrounding the Island. His request to marry Penny Widmore was rejected by her father Charles. Determined to thwart Charles, Desmond entered a race around the world sponsored by Widmore. During the race, Desmond crashed on the Island and was rescued by Kelvin. For three years he lived in the Hatch until the crash of 815. He left Locke to look over the Hatch but later detonated it. While flying to the freighter he experienced odd time travel side-effects. He was last seen helping the Oceanic 6 form their alibi story.

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