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Update: 23rd May Over the last 24hrs I've had so many emails for various people involved in the show and so many emails from fans asking not to post the spoilers for finale as well as about 100 very nasty hate emails that I've decided it's just not worth posting these spoilers this close to the Final ever episode. Sorry to those who were looking forward to the spoilers, but it's just not worth the grief I've been getting. You should still be careful in case they are released elsewhere on the net.

Enjoy the finale, Spoiler Free tonight.

We've had a number of major spoilers which we have delayed posting till as late as possible to avoid people getting spoiled who don't want to be for the finale. These will probably be posted sometime tomorrow, so this is an advanced heads up to those who don't want to be spoiled to get off the spoiler section.

Also, if you are a LOST site owner, Forum Admin, I suggest that you go into a Lockdown mode.

Also, if you visit non-moderated forums, I suggest you steer clear of these till after the finale to avoid being shotgun spoiled. Be careful where you visit.

I strongly suggest that when these are posted that you DO NOT View them unless you are a hard core Spoiler Addict.

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