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Hey Losties,
How are you all doing!? October has started, another month has passed and well we are only about 4 months away the Season 5 premiere!!

Ok ok I know 4 months is STILL a long time to go, but we are still posting away and trying to do our best help you all get through the hiatus.

Of course the spoiler lovers know that the LOST cast and crew are currently working on Episode 5x04 and will most likely begin production on Episode 5x05 as early as this week. Yes I know many of you out there are NOT spoiler fans, so we still continue to post any and all LOST related news we can.

G-Man did a great job with the Character Cup and now it is Dharmageddon's turn with the Prop Cup, which is always fun!!

Also don't forget to check out the other great sections of the site here: DVD, Polls, Fan Fiction, Media Mentions and More!! All of the sections are updated regularly and will help you with your LOST fixes..

Plus, we have continued to record and post new podcasts for you all.

Here is what to expect in Part 1 of this new podcast:

1) I introduce Karen from MySpace as my new Co-Host and we actually give you our opinions about the Emmy Awards as we watched it live.
2) We also discuss various theories, Ben, Desmond, Time Travel, the latest happenings with the Dharma Wants You ARG and more.

In Part 2 of the podcast, you will get to listen to our special guest, my friend and owner of this site, DarkUFO (Andy). He joins us to discuss the ARG, Andy the person and then some spoilers.

Well make sure you listen to Part 1 and Part 2 with Andy will be up soon.

Hope you enjoy it:


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