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Thanks to Unai for the following.

For the first time ever, a huge 3D online LOST Island has been created, and it’s been opened today, on the 4th anniversary of the show: September 22nd, 2008.

Here are a couple of videos about the 3D Island:

You can also find 42 photos on this link:

Here are some of the features of the island:

- 6,5 km2 extension. Lots of locations from the show: survivors camp, Dharma underground stations (Swan station, Orchid station, Pearl station and more), Jacob’s cabin, a deep jungle, the Dharma dock, the Sydney Airport, and many more, including some secret places you will have to find.
- Multiplayer. You won’t be alone on the island, hundreds of fans will be there (there are already more than 750 fans registered).
- There is a counter on the swan station that works in real time, the numbers must be entered every 108 or bad things happen to those inside the Swan if the button isn’t pushed.
- LIVE discussions of LOST episodes. There will be discussions every week to talk about new episodes, and there will be special discussions during the hiatus. There is a huge TV where videos will be displayed.
- There’s no cost for using the software.

All the info about how to register, download the software and go to the Island can be found on sl-LOST.com . I’m sure that you and your readers will like it! Many fans from all over the world have been working really hard for months.

See you on the Island!

Source: Unai@sl-Lost

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