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Update: 15:00For those having problems seeing the results, you can see them here.
Update: 14:30 Locke (780) Ben (1069)
Update: 13:30 Locke (664) Ben (896)
Update: 12:30 There appears to be a problem with the Poll Results page. For now I'll try to post regular updates on the scores until they fix it. Locke (588) Ben (780)

Congratulations to Hurley! He steam-rolled Kate and is into the semi-finals!

Hurley: 71% (selected to win Round 4 on 67.7% of all brackets)
Kate: 29% (selected to win Round 4 on 16.5% of all brackets)

The bracket site has been updated and there are no changes to our leaders.
Lost and Michael Emerson may have lost their bids for Emmys, but we've got all the Lost action you need right here! Today is a fanboy free-for-all! We've got the new leader of the Others going up against their old leader. One man is on the Island and one is trying to find his way back. It's baldy versus bug-eyed, the Man of Faith versus the man of many lies, the former cripple versus the former DHARMA Initiative member. It's Locke versus Ben for the semifinals!

John Locke
After surviving the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Locke was miraculously able to walk again after being paralyzed for four years. Raised in foster care, Locke went from being an angry and determined teenager to being a meek and mild middle-aged loser. Always dreaming of being something he was not, Locke found his chance to be a hunter and a man of faith once reaching the Island. He encountered the Smoke Monster, manned the Swan hatch before losing faith. He was able to confront his jerk of a father on the Island, having Sawyer kill him. He joined the Others before the Island disappeared but was last seen dead in the future.

Benjamin Linus
A one-time member of the DHARMA Initiative and leader of the Others, Ben has a very turbulent past. His mother died at birth, leaving him in the custody of a resentful father. Ben and his dad joined the DHARMA Initiative when he was a boy but he quickly grew to hate it. He helped the Hostiles purge DHARMA and became their leader, getting orders from Jacob. He was captured by Rousseau after the crash of Flight 815 and developed a tense relationship with the survivors. Ben turned the frozen donkey wheel and moved the Island, banishing himself from it in the process. He was last seen discussing a return to the Island with Jack.

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