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Update: 3:00 (one hour left to vote!) Jack (2841) - Sawyer (2788)
Update: 2:00 Jack (2800) - Sawyer (2723)
Update: 1:15? Jack (2757) - Sawyer (2684)

Hi all! G-Man taking over here. There's 4 hours left to vote!

Update: 24:00 Jack (2643) - Sawyer (2580)

Update: 23:20 Jack (2522) - Sawyer (2489)

I'm now off to bed so I'll leave it to G-man to post any updates if he has the time. Looking forward to waking up to the result and hopefully not too many comments to moderate :)

Update: 22:30 Jack (2393) - Sawyer (2389)
Update: 20:30 Jack (2240) - Sawyer (2225)
Update: 19:30 Jack (2097) - Sawyer (2102)
Update: 19:30 Jack (1914) - Sawyer (1926)
Update: 18:30 Jack (1751) - Sawyer (1744)
Update: 17:30 Jack (1578) - Sawyer (1575)
Update: 16:30 Jack (1402) - Sawyer (1392)
Update: 15:30 Jack (1248) - Sawyer (1245)
Update: 14:30 Jack (1070) - Sawyer (1069)
Update: 13:30 Jack (932) - Sawyer (945)
Update: 12:20 As you cannot see the actual number of votes when it's 50/50 I'll try to provide regular updates to keep you informed of the actual votes. Currently it's Jack (781) - Saywer (778)

Update: 10:20 If you are having problems seeing the poll try this link. If you see a "Votes:1" message it means you have already voted and you should use the link below to see the results. The developers are aware of the bug with the inline results.

Update: 08:00 GMT Just to let you know there is a bug in the display of the results page. This has been happening since polls yesterday. If you want to see the latest results then use this link.

The King is dead! Congratulations to Ben Linus. He defeated last year's champion John Locke and has earned his spot in the semifinals!

Ben: 55% (selected to win Round 4 on 65.4% of all brackets)
Locke: 45% (selected to win Round 4 on 29.4% of all brackets)

The bracket site has been updated. Still no changes with our leaders.

So who will Ben face in the next round? Well, we won't be finding out today. If Ben vs. Locke represented a fanboy throwdown, then I guess today's matchup will be viewed by some as a fangirl slugfest.

Break out your safety helmets and hide the kids- this could get ugly! Last year these two titans of Lost duked it out for 3rd place, but this year they meet in a deathmatch in which the winner makes it to the Final Four. Will it be the doctor or the con man? The Oceanic 6er or the man still stuck on the Island? Will it be Jack or Sawyer???

Jack Shephard
A survivor of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Jack filled a much needed leadership role among the Losties. Before the Island, Jack was a spinal surgeon. He used his medical skills to help his fellow castaways and eventually an enemy as well. He was captured by the Others and performed life-saving surgery on their leader. Determined to leave the Island, Jack made contact with the freighter, thinking it meant rescue for everyone. Jack escaped the Island and is currently a member of the Oceanic 6. He was last seen discussing a plan to return to the Island with Benjamin Linus.

James “Sawyer” Ford
A survivor of Oceanic Flight 815, James Ford spent most of his life tracking down the con man responsible for his parents’ deaths. He himself became a con man, going by the name Sawyer and once murdered a man in a case of mistaken identity. After crashing on the Island, Sawyer collected items strewn in the wreckage, setting up his own little bartering post. He has gone on many A-Team missions, been captured by the Others and escaped, served as temporary camp leader in Jack’s absence, and even found and killed the con man he had been looking for. Sawyer was last seen on the beach with Juliet before the Island disappeared.

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