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Oh how the mighty have fallen! With victories by Jack and Juliet, the quest for the perfect bracket has met its end! Quite a number of people were affected by these results as well.

Jack: 64% (selected to win Round 2 on 77.4% of all brackets)
Charlie: 36% (selected to win Round 2 on 22.3% of all brackets)

Juliet: 67% (selected to win Round 2 on 53.7% of all brackets)
Charles: 33% (selected to win Round 2 on 45.5% of all brackets)

The bracket site has been updated and since the $250 perfect bracket prize is now off the table, you're all chasing after the sweet Season 4 DVD prize. There are currently 9 bracketeers tied for first place. Who will come out on top? We'll find out after the next 17 matchups!

Today is the last day for Round 2 and we've got two interesting matchups that could spoil a few brackets. The first battle is between a mysterious woman who had been stuck on the Island for over a decade and a mysterious man who seems to have spent quite some time looking for information about the Island. Matchup #2 pits the new dorky hotness against some vintage Lostie awesomeness. Who's going to make the cut???

Danielle Rousseau
Part of a French scientific expedition that ran aground on the Island, Rousseau’s past is still shrouded in mystery. Shortly after reaching the Island, her crew mates got “sick” and she killed them. Rousseau went to the radio tower and altered the transmission and a few months later was attacked by the Others after giving birth to her daughter Alex. From that point on she was a loner, surviving anyway she knew how in the jungle. Years later she would meet the Losties and help them from time to time. Rousseau was shot and killed in an ambush by Keamy’s team when she, Alex and Karl were headed to the Temple.

Matthew Abaddon
A very mysterious man, Abaddon’s earliest appearance was shortly after Locke’s paralysis. He gave John a pep talk and encouraged him to go on a walkabout. Abaddon later appeared hiring Naomi, Daniel, Charlotte, Frank and Miles for a mission while on board the freighter. He was finally seen posing as an Oceanic Airlines representative when he visited Hurley in Santa Rosa. He asked Hurley if “they” were still alive, referring to the Island. Hurley grew immediately suspicious and Abaddon disappeared. He has not been seen since.

Daniel Faraday
A crew member of the freighter, Daniel is a physicist with apparent memory problems. Before coming to the Island, Daniel spent time as a professor at Queen’s College, Oxford University, where he experimented with time travel on a lab rat named Eloise. He also had an encounter with Desmond Hume and helped him find his constant. On the Island, Daniel was part of an extraction team to bring Benjamin Linus back to the freighter. The mission failed and he has since joined the Losties. He was last seen ferrying a boat full of redshirts to the freighter when the Island disappeared.

Walter “Walt” Lloyd
The son of Michael Dawson and Susan Lloyd, Walt is a survivor of Oceanic Flight 815. He grew up with his mother but was handed over to his dad when she died suddenly. Michael and Walt knew each other barely a week before the crash. Walt helped his dad build the raft, but was kidnapped by the Others at sea. Michael rescued his son and they were allowed to leave the Island. Walt has appeared several times on the Island in mysterious manners and he has been described by several people as being special. Walt was last seen talking to Hurley in Santa Rosa.

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