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Congratulations to both Daniel and Danielle. They are the final entrants into Round 3, which begins right now!

Danielle: 65% (selected to win Round 2 on 50.4% of all brackets)
Abaddon: 35% (selected to win Round 2 on 22.6% of all brackets)

Daniel: 79% (selected to win Round 2 on 78.8% of all brackets)
Walt: 21% (selected to win Round 2 on 16.7% of all brackets)

The bracket site has been updated and we're down to four bracketeers tied for first place right now. As Round 3 brings some tougher matches, will we see more turnaround in the leader boards? Let's find out!

Now that we're in Round 3, we're down to one matchup per day. Today's matchup pits both halves of one of TV's greatest romances against each other! These star crossed lovers finally found each other in the Season 4 finale, but now they have to fight to the death! (Well, Character Cup death anyway)

Penelope “Penny” Widmore
Daughter of the wealthy and powerful businessman Charles Widmore, Penny is also Desmond Hume’s girlfriend. She first met him at a monastery and their relationship grew from there. While Desmond was practicing for a race around the world, Penny tracked him down. When he disappeared during the race, Penny used her money and resources to try and search for him, despite hearing nothing of his whereabouts for three years. When the Hatch imploded, Penny’s people tracked the magnetic signal. She was further assisted by Charlie communicating with her from the Looking Glass and Desmond’s phone call from the freighter. She was last seen helping the Oceanic 6 with their alibi story, setting them off in a lifeboat.

Desmond Hume
A former set designer, monk and soldier, Desmond is uniquely caught in the middle of all the action surrounding the Island. His request to marry Penny Widmore was rejected by her father Charles. Determined to thwart Charles, Desmond entered a race around the world sponsored by Widmore. During the race, Desmond crashed on the Island and was rescued by Kelvin. For three years he lived in the Hatch until the crash of 815. He left Locke to look over the Hatch but later detonated it. While flying to the freighter he experienced odd time travel side-effects. He was last seen helping the Oceanic 6 form their alibi story.

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