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Congratulations to Desmond and Sawyer. Desmond stormed his way through Keamy's assault while Sawyer put in a solid effort against Smokey.

Desmond: 93% (selected to win Round 2 on 97.8% of all brackets)
Keamy: 7% (selected to win Round 2 on 0.9% of all brackets)

Sawyer: 73% (selected to win Round 2 on 89.6% of all brackets)
Smokey: 27% (selected to win Round 2 on 10.2% of all brackets)

The bracket site has been updated and we've still got our three perfect bracketeers holding on for dear life. Well, the time has come for at least one of them to fall. How many of them will lose out on today's matchups? Who will get one of these oh so important picks wrong? We'll find out soon enough.

Matchup #1 features one of the main stars of the show and a fan-favorite supporting character. Will it be the doctor or the rock god? Matchup #2 features a defected Other and a man who seems willing to do anything to find the Island. Will the fertility doctor or the wealthy businessman rule the day?

We're getting close to Round 3 folks, and the next couple matchups look to really shake things up!

Jack Shephard
A survivor of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Jack filled a much needed leadership role among the Losties. Before the Island, Jack was a spinal surgeon. He used his medical skills to help his fellow castaways and eventually an enemy as well. He was captured by the Others and performed life-saving surgery on their leader. Determined to leave the Island, Jack made contact with the freighter, thinking it meant rescue for everyone. Jack escaped the Island and is currently a member of the Oceanic 6. He was last seen discussing a plan to return to the Island with Benjamin Linus.

Charlie Pace
Former bassist of the one-hit-wonder rock band Drive Shaft, Charlie survived the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. A junkie at the time, he soon found the inner strength to kick his heroin addiction with the help of John Locke. Charlie developed on on-again-off-again relationship with Claire and was very protective of her infant son Aaron. After the destruction of the Hatch, Desmond told Charlie that he was destined to die on the Island. Charlie died while on a mission to deactivate equipment jamming communication with an off-shore freighter. Mikhail flooded a chamber of the underwater Looking Glass station with Charlie inside.

Juliet Burke
A gifted fertility doctor, Juliet was recruited by the Others in 2001 to help combat and solve the pregnancy crisis on the Island. Despite her best efforts, she could do nothing to correct the problem. She had an affair with Goodwin, drawing the ire of both Harper and Ben. She was used to gain Jack’s trust in an attempt to convince him to perform surgery on Ben. She eventually defected from the Others and joined the Losties. She was last seen on the beach with Sawyer just before the Island disappeared.

Charles Widmore
A wealthy British businessman, Charles Widmore has a history with more than one Island resident. His daughter Penelope is romantically involved with Desmond Hume, a man he feels in unworthy of his daughter. He also seems to have an on-going rivalry and power struggle with Benjamin Linus that somehow relates to the Island. He has been searching for the Island for some time and sent the freighter crew to its approximate location. After the Island disappeared, Charles was confronted by Ben in his home, each of them vowing to defeat the other. He was last seen discussing the Island with Sun in London.

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