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*UPDATED* Thanks to Thedemonhog for the link for LOST Syndication in Canada on Space Channel.

Hey Losties,
As some of you may know, LOST will begin its first run in syndication starting in the next two weeks. LOST begins airing on the SciFi Channel on Sept. 15th in 4 hour blocks every Monday night and earlier today I actually saw the first promo on TV, so I recorded it with my cell phone. Naturally the quality is poor because it is a recorded version and as soon as a HQ version becomes available we will post it for you.

The show will also air on the G4 network (Sept. 15th) and it seems like even on some local CW networks. Here is a screencap of the CW network's affiliate in Cleveland, OH advertising "LOST Again", which starts on Sept. 13th.

So for all of you looking to get your LOST fixes, make sure you check your local listings for these networks because LOST is back on TV before the premiere in January!!

Additionally for those of you in Canada LOST starts even sooner!! It will begin airing Monday-Thursday on Sept. 8th on the Space Channel. Here is the link with details: LOST to Air on the Space Channel

Thanks to Alpert's Eyelashes (yes that is an actual user name) for the heads up about the CW airing LOST.

Here is the promo for G4's LOST 2.0:

Here is the SciFi promo and once again sorry for the quality.

Source: The ODI

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