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Update: 07:20 GMT Just woken up and the other winner yesterday was Sarah over coming Ji-Yeon by just 3 votes!! 1285 to 1282 which from the brackets prediction is another upset. I've updated the brackets to reflect the votes and there are now just 51 people left in with a chance for that elusive perfect bracket (DarkUFO)

Sarah: 50% (1285) (selected on 43.4% of all brackets)
Ji-Yeon: 50% (1282) (selected on 56.6% of all brackets)


Congratulations to Charlie Pace for making it to the next round! He dominated his match against the one and only Doctor Arzt. Ji-Yeon Kwon and Sarah Shephard pulled out the ultimate nailbiter and finished their bout with a 50-50 result showing on the polls. But there was a winner, and their name is... I don't know! For some strange quirky reason I am unable to see the final vote totals for any of our matchups when I log onto the poll website. DarkUFO, however, is capable of seeing these numbers when he logs in. I don't know why that is, but that's the case.

So, we are stuck waiting until DarkUFO wakes up in the morning to tell us the other half of yesterday's polls. Once he tells us the outcome, I'll post the updated numbers for Sarah and Ji-Yeon. I guess you have to wait just a little bit longer.

Charlie: 90% (selected on 98.5% of all brackets)
Arzt: 10% (selected on 1.4% of all brackets)

Well, I guess it won't be much comfort to some of you that today's matchups feature another reasonably close battle for the right to make it to Round 2. So on top of waiting for the results, several of our bracketeers may have even more worrying to do.

Matchup #1 features a matchup between a crew member of Flight 815 and one half of one of Lost's greatest romances. The second matchup throws an intriguing Other against an original Lostie who was kidnapped by the Others. Wait patiently for the results of yesterday, cast your votes for today's battles and voice your opinions in the comments section!

Cindy Chandler
A flight attendant for Oceanic Flight 815, Cindy survived the crash with other passengers from the tail section. Cindy followed Ana-Lucia’s orders until shortly after Michael, Sawyer and Jin washed ashore. While trekking back to the Lostie camp, Cindy was kidnapped by the Others. She later appeared on Hydra Island with the children taken from the tail section to watch Juliet’s trial. She was last seen briefly interacting with Locke at a temporary camp and at night at the ruins when Ben challenged Locke to kill his father.

Penelope “Penny” Widmore
Daughter of the wealthy and powerful businessman Charles Widmore, Penny is also Desmond Hume’s girlfriend. She first met him at a monastery and their relationship grew from there. While Desmond was practicing for a race around the world, Penny tracked him down. When he disappeared during the race, Penny used her money and resources to try and search for him, despite hearing nothing of his whereabouts for three years. When the Hatch imploded, Penny’s people tracked the magnetic signal. She was further assisted by Charlie communicating with her from the Looking Glass and Desmond’s phone call from the freighter. She was last seen helping the Oceanic 6 with their alibi story, setting them off in a lifeboat.

Mikhail Bakunin
A former soldier for the Soviet Union, Mikhail’s past and coming to the Island is a bit sketchy. He may have been recruited by the Others post-Purge. Either way, Mikhail was stationed in the Flame, where he was responsible for monitoring communications and could access information from the outside world via computers. He gathered information on every one aboard Flight 815 and provided Juliet with a glimpse of her sister and nephew. Mikhail was discovered at the Flame and taken prisoner by Sayid and Locke. He survived passing through the sonic fence, but finally died when he detonated a grenade in order to kill Charlie in the Looking Glass.

Walter “Walt” Lloyd
The son of Michael Dawson and Susan Lloyd, Walt is a survivor of Oceanic Flight 815. He grew up with his mother but was handed over to his dad when she died suddenly. Michael and Walt knew each other barely a week before the crash. Walt helped his dad build the raft, but was kidnapped by the Others at sea. Michael rescued his son and they were allowed to leave the Island. Walt has appeared several times on the Island in mysterious manners and he has been described by several people as being special. Walt was last seen talking to Hurley in Santa Rosa.

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