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Congratulations to Locke and Boone! The master and his apprentice are moving on to Round 2, which is less than a week away! The matchups are sure to be closer and we'll really see things begin to heat up.

Boone: 94% (selected on 91.7% of all brackets)
Emily: 6% (selected on 8.2% of all brackets)

Locke: 88% (selected on 98.7% of all brackets)
Marvin: 12% (selected on 1.2% of all brackets)

The brackets have been updated and there are now 93 bracketeers holding strong in first place. We might be able to shrink that number a bit with today's matchup though. We've got another toss-up that many of our bracketeers have been worried about.

Matchup #1 today pits two deceased Losties against each other. One was mostly a redshirt, while the other was a main character for a while. While both of their deaths are the stuff of Lost legend, only one will be exiting the Cup today. Matchup #2 sees a possibly nail-biter between the woman who broke Jack's heart and the miracle baby.

Who's going to win this time? Vote away!

Dr. Leslie Arzt
Before the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Dr. Arzt was a ninth grade science teacher. Making the best of his situation, he spent his time on the Island collecting insects, many of which were undiscovered species. Distrustful of Jack and the A-Team Losties, Arzt came to resent being left on the back burner. When he heard Jack needed to retrieve dynamite from a mysterious location, Arzt used his knowledge of science to bully his way onto the expedition. While lecturing Jack, Kate, Hurley and Locke on safe handling of dynamite, the stick he was holding exploded, killing him instantly.

Charlie Pace
Former bassist of the one-hit-wonder rock band Drive Shaft, Charlie survived the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. A junkie at the time, he soon found the inner strength to kick his heroin addiction with the help of John Locke. Charlie developed on on-again-off-again relationship with Claire and was very protective of her infant son Aaron. After the destruction of the Hatch, Desmond told Charlie that he was destined to die on the Island. Charlie died while on a mission to deactivate equipment jamming communication with an off-shore freighter. Mikhail flooded a chamber of the underwater Looking Glass station with Charlie inside.

Sarah Shephard
Jack’s ex-wife first came into his life as a patient. Sarah was in a car accident that left her spine crushed. Her fiancé left her because he thought she would never walk again. Jack foolishly told Sarah he would fix her, despite staggering odds being stacked against him. Miraculously, Sarah was healed and the two began dating. After only a short time being married, Sarah began cheating on Jack because she felt neglected by his devotion to his work. After Jack returned from the Island with the Oceanic 6, Sarah was called to the hospital to check on Jack as his emergency contact. After an awkward reunion, she left, possibly forever.

Ji-Yeon Kwon
The daughter of Sun and Jin, Ji-Yeon was miraculously conceived on the Island, despite Jin’s impotence. While in the womb, Ji-Yeon posed a threat to her mother’s life and to her own, as babies conceived on the Island die before reaching full term and causing their mother’s to die from complications as well. Fortunately for both of them, Sun escaped the Island as a member of the Oceanic 6. Sun returned to Korea, where Ji-Yeon was born. Ji-Yeon was last heard over the phone before her mother made a business proposition to Charles Widmore in London.

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