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Posting a little early tonight... Congratulations to Frank and Eko! Both really laid the hurt on their opponents with devastating margins of victory. They move onto the next round to face new foes.

Frank: 90% (selected on 96.7% of all brackets)
Gault: 10% (selected on 3.2% of all brackets)

Eko: 90% (selected on 97.7% of all brackets)
Goodwin: 10% (selected on 2.2% of all brackets)

The brackets have been updated, so don't forget to see where you stand. There are now 94 bracketeers tied for first place. Will that number hold for another day? We'll find out soon enough!

Today's matchups feature and Island A-Lister and three characters that have haunted him in one way or another. The first bout pits Lost's first main character to die against a less-than-stellar mother. The second matchup sees our Man of Faith going against the face of DHARMA.

Vote, comment and enjoy!

Boone Carlyle
A survivor of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Boone’s mother owned a successful wedding planning company. She married Adam Rutherford when Boone was a boy, making Shannon his stepsister. On the Island, Boone spent most of his time with Locke. Together they discovered the Hatch and the drug smuggler’s plane. Locke sent Boone up to investigate the plane. Boone tried to use the radio to contact someone but the plane fell out of the tree it was lodged in and crushed Boone. He would later die from his injuries despite Jack’s efforts to save him.

Emily Annabeth Locke
One time lover of Anthony Cooper and the mother of John Locke, Emily has had a tragic life. As a teenager she rebelled against her mother’s wishes and dated a much older Anthony Cooper. She got pregnant and after an argument with her mother, she accidentally got hit by a car. Her son John was born months premature. Cooper abandoned her and she abandoned her child. She spent time in mental institutions and later was used by Cooper as a pawn to receive a kidney from John. Emily hasn’t been seen since.

John Locke
After surviving the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Locke was miraculously able to walk again after being paralyzed for four years. Raised in foster care, Locke went from being an angry and determined teenager to being a meek and mild middle-aged loser. Always dreaming of being something he was not, Locke found his chance to be a hunter and a man of faith once reaching the Island. He encountered the Smoke Monster, manned the Swan hatch before losing faith. He was able to confront his jerk of a father on the Island, having Sawyer kill him. He joined the Others before the Island disappeared but was last seen dead in the future.

Marvin Candle
The mysterious man from the DHARMA videos, Marvin has gone by several different aliases. In the Pearl video he goes by Mark Wickmund and in the Orchid video he assumes the name Edgar Hallowax. Nothing is known about who he really is and what other purposes he may have served in the DHARMA Initiative. Since we have not seen him on the Island, it is assumed that he was killed during the Purge.

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