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Hey All,
Hopefully most of you should know who G-Man is by now here at DarkUFO, but if not, well G-Man is a contributor to the site and the "face of the LOST Fantasy League".

Over the weekend, G-Man was nice enough to join us on the podcast to talk about Season 4 of LOST and of course talk about the successful LOST Fantasy League. He also answered several of the questions that were sent in or posted by many of you.

It was a great time and it is always good to have a guest join us and provide us with another view on LOST. There are NO spoilers in this podcast so feel free to sit back and relax to listen to us talk LOST and have fun.

One question that we were not able to answer at the time we recorded the podcast was about receiving "Confirmation Emails" after submitting your team. Dark mentioned that if you did NOT get a confirmation email, then check your SPAM folders. Also he said as long as you got the confirmation "Screen" where it says "Thank You" after submitting, then you are in. If you are still unsure, please please let us know.

Also, you can still sign up here: LOST Fantasy League: Season 5

Here is the link to the podcast, enjoy and namaste.


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